12 Yard Skip

Also referred to as Maxi Skips, these are perfect for larger projects generating lots of waste.




Length 13ft x Width 6ft 5ins x Height 6ft 5ins

A 12-yard skip is typically employed for substantial projects, including large-scale construction sites, extensive home renovations, and commercial ventures, as it offers the capacity needed to efficiently manage substantial volumes of waste. Allowing for approximately 110-120 bin bags, it is ideal for projects that generate a high amount of waste but please note that it cannot be used for heavy, solid materials such as concrete or soil.


How much can I put in the skip?

You can put in as much waste as the skip can hold until it reaches the height of the sides. However, if you exceed this limit, it will not be safe for us to transport, and we will charge you extra.

How long can I have the skip for

You are welcome to keep our skips for up to 3 weeks. If you know you'll need it for a longer period, please mention this when you hire the skip. The price remains the same, regardless of how long it is hired for.

What main factors should I consider prior to my Skip Hire?

We need sufficient accessible space for both the drop-off and collection of the skip. Additionally, please ensure that there are no parked cars on your street that may obstruct our lorries. If you share your driveway with a neighbour, we recommend discussing your skip booking with them to avoid any potential issues for both you and our team.


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